AIR FORWARD is a category of products that predominately use an air mode and offers a choice in delivery speeds to best suit customer requirements.

Today’s dynamic global markets demand and Air Freight partner who is able to take on more of your logistics load.

The challenge is to find a supplier able to offer increased capacity across more routes worldwide, who strikes the right balance between budgets and outstanding service quality, and provides a single, dedicated point of contact that will save you time.

We work with you to understand all your requirements and provide a dedicated service contract.

We consolidate Air Freight from various countries at regional hubs with guaranteed uplifts.

Our Door-to-More product is an easy-to-use direct distribution service with all-in-one booking – and the online application gives you end-to-end visibility of each item.
Our airfreight services fall into these categories that fit your transit time needs:

Moved on the 1st available flight using partner airlines’ dedicated services
For most major destinations, the airport-to-airport transit time is two days.

Our cost-effective economy service uses one or more consolidations per week depending on the origin
For most major destinations, the airport-to-airport transit time is five days.

We are down-to-earth, yet determined to drive your business and the air freight industry forward. We use our influence to make improvements that benefit us all – today, tomorrow and for years to come. Together we can expand what’s possible.