Receive complete, turnkey global freight forwarding solutions and achieve successful out comes with DAP Logistics Project Logistics team. You’ll receive expert support from professionals with decades of world wide logistics experience, commitment to quality service, and long term relationships with clients, providers, and vendors.
Utilize the expertise of hands-on professionals who are onsite at locations around the globe. You will get expert recommendations and strong results from a dynamic team that is fully trained in all modes of transport and documentation.

Your logistics plan will be customized for your unique project needs—from a comprehensive, pre-shipment evaluation of potential risks and deficiencies that could impact cost and delivery schedules, to route and port surveys, coordination of proper packaging of components, required documentation handling, and shipping option analysis. Every ship ment is coordinated with tailored plans, and even the most technically demanding projects are executed with precision.
Meet your contractual obligations, mitigate risks, and remain compliant with respect to customs when you work with DAP Project Logistics. Minimize costs, risks, and delays in the global transport of your over dimensional and heavy lift shipments:

Oil & Gas
Wind Power
Machinery & Equipment