Reduce errors and speed up your bookings.
Looking for a way to book your ocean shipments more quickly and accurately? DAP Logistics can  help.
With one simple connection to INTTRA, you’ll get 24/7 access to our booking application
designed to significantly streamline the booking process, so you can efficiently book, confirm and  communicate with over 50 carriers—all at once.

Stop re-keying data and calling all your carriers to find the status of your shipment. DAP Logistics offers one standardized booking process, instant notifications, and templates to simplify your ocean shipping process.

Generate bookings 50% faster on INTTRA (compared to manual booking) – with online templates that eliminate the need for telephone calls, emails and faxes.

Reduce data entry errors while auto-recommendations can catch potential errors.

Generate bookings with over 50 world leading carriers 24x7, in multiple languages.

Automatic notifications provide proactive shipping status updates and the ability to track ongoing status.

DAP Logistics manages bookings on an exception basis and alerts partners and customers of important changes by using the INTTRA notification system